Our History

INTI HOUSE is an expression of tradition, cultural customs of the Cusco region and Peru, it is local identity.

Inti House

About us?

INTI HOUSE is an expression of tradition, cultural customs of the Cusco region and Peru, it is local identity. In this house, we have as a principle the revaluation of the agricultural products of the communities located in the district of Machupicchu and the Sacred Valley, our gastronomy is the innovation of the typical local, main regional and national dishes having as inputs the agricultural products that they produce. the local population of machupicchu.

Our culinary technique comes from the path of experience, from traditional knowledge of the typical local gastronomy; Thus, today we develop our dishes maintaining essence and identity.

Our history

The years have built and developed this enterprise, along a path of facts, values, beliefs, and passion.

After travels in different regions of Peru, and having gone through experiences in the field of gastronomy, it is in the year 1990, where he began to delight infinite clients with those gastronomic techniques and homemade seasonings, collected during my trips to the north. , central and southern Peru. Alfredito restaurant was my first well known and recommended restaurant in the City of Urubamba, capital of the Sacred Valley. Soon we were able to delight more palates with other restaurants serving typical and national food.

Soon that knowledge of the typical gastronomy was taken to Machupicchu, where INTI HOUSE was born in the year 2000.

Twenty years have passed since this house was born and today we continue to share delicious Peruvian cuisine with visitors from all over the world.


Eduardo Concepción Soto Marroquin.

I was born in 1959 in the Hayuni community, Pallpata district, Espinar province, Cusco Region. At the age of 8, I migrated from my birthplace to Cusco and later, at the age of 13, I began to travel to different regions of Peru.
During my travels through many regions of Peru, I acquired knowledge, techniques and the best recipes of the rich Peruvian gastronomy, the best legacy to satisfy many people until now a days.


Inti House Restaurant

A house of typical Peruvian cuisine with high quality standards and commitment to local agriculture. 

We are the commitment with the typical Peruvian gastronomy, through the revaluation of the local products of the district of Machupicchu, for the economic benefit of our local farmers, who are the fundamental pillar of agricultural production for food; all this in order to sustainably satisfy the most demanding palates.








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